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Foliage is inspired by the Monuments built in ex Yugoslavia,
We chose to intertwine the Brutalist aesthetic with a naturalistic abstract form to create a vase which functions as an extension to the plant placed within it.

Foliage is the first edition designed by Sobekcis in collaboration with Jaalo. An exclusive limited edition vase inspired by their Brutalist heritage.

This edition is completely handcrafted in Italy.


Size: 180x126x230mm
Material: Ceramic
Finish: Glaze
Edition: 30 pieces 


1. All pieces are not simple ornamental objects. They are conceived as
works of art. We cannot guarantee fully functionality.

2. Since our products are hand-crafted and hand-decorated, they may
show slight defects or variations in finish and decoration. This aspect is part of the artisanal process.

3. Vases with more complex shapes may experience moisture loss over
time, which could be due to small imperfections during the glazing and
crystallization phase. It is recommended to avoid leaving water in the vases for extended periods.

4. Do not place in direct contact with flames or hot surfaces. Avoid placing them on gas stoves, cooktops, and other sources of direct heat to prevent damage to the ceramic or fire hazards.

5. To maintain the integrity of our ceramic products, it is recommended to
clean them only with a damp cloth. Avoid the use of aggressive or abrasive detergents that could damage the surface and decoration of the ceramic.


The packaging materials within this package serve only as protection for
the product within. All packaging is just a protection against damage. We
cannot replace any packaging even if it is damaged.

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